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The following information comes from Wageningen municipality:

All residents have to follow the measures against corona. How can you apply these measures if you live in a student residence?


The measures to combat the coronavirus are drastic and demand a lot from us. In an emergency situation like this, it is important that we continue to ask ourselves how we can help to stop the spread of corona as quickly as possible. We can only do this together.

One of the measures for fighting the coronavirus is to keep a safe distance from one another, at least 1.5 metres. This measure applies to public spaces. The exception to this regulation are people who together constitute a common household.
The emergency ordinance underlying the enforced guidelines defines a common household. People living in a student residence do not meet this definition and thus do not constitute a common household. This means that if these residents go outside together, they must comply with the measure stipulating a distance of 1.5 metres if they form a group of more than two persons.

If they do not have a garden or a balcony and sit, for example, on the pavement in front of their house or if they take a walk together, they must stay 1.5 metres apart from one another if they are in a group of more than two people.
Since these measures apply to public spaces, they do not apply inside of student residences, in the common garden or on the balcony.
Students may receive visitors. However, we expect that students, just like everyone else, will contribute in this emergency situation, use their common sense, limit their social contacts and follow the RIVM’s advice on hygiene about, for example, washing your hands. We can only stop the coronavirus when we all work together.


May I be together with my housemates in my student residence?
Yes, you may. But avoid social contact as much as possible. And try to keep a distance between one another, 1.5 metres if possible.

Does the regulation about a 1.5-metres distance between people when outside also apply to housemates?

Can I use the common areas if I have a cold or other health complaints?
Try to avoid that as much as possible and always keep a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and others.
Are you often together in common areas and one of you has health complaints? Then the other housemates should also stay home to prevent a possible spread of the coronavirus. There are now tighter regulations about isolating at home and family quarantine. For more information on all of the measures go to:

How many visitors may I have?
As long as no one has a cold or other health complaints, you can have a maximum of three visitors. We advise you to limit the number of social contacts and to restrict them to a small circle of acquaintances. And here again, keep a distance of 1.5 metres from one another.

Can we host a party for only the residents of our house?
If you are only with your housemates, you can organise an enjoyable evening together. However, neighbours and passers-by who might not know that you live with, for example, ten students, might think that you are having a party with visitors. This could cause confusion and irritation. Be aware of this and consider the consequences.

Can we be fined if there are too many visitors in our residence?
Yes. Police officers and municipal enforcers can fine you 390 euros if there are more than three visitors and they fail to comply with the regulation of 1.5 metres. The police and municipal enforcers will judge each situation as they find it and will decide at that moment whether to just issue a warning or to fine you.

Can we sit as a group on the pavement in front of our residence?
The pavement is part of the public space, so the required distance of 1.5 metres from one another applies to groups of three or more people. Since students are not considered to form a common household in the emergency ordinance, you must also keep a distance of 1.5 metres between you in public spaces. Moreover, gatherings are prohibited, even if people stay 1.5 metres apart from one another. This applies primarily to organised meetings or when people agree to come together. Spontaneous gatherings can also be considered to be such meetings. Use your common sense and limit the number of people you go outside with.

Can we play football outside with our housemates?
No. The rules that apply to everyone else apply here as well.

Can we walk outside together without keeping at a distance?
No. The rules that apply to everyone else apply here as well.

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Thank you for your cooperation!