Financial FAQ

  • I’m having problems with applying for rent subsidy, where can I get help?

If you need assistance, please contact the Housing Desk. The Housing Desk is a non-commercial housing agency for students. You can visit the website or visit the Housing Desk in Arion:

Generaal Foulkesweg 37
6703 BL Wageningen

  • I would like to see a specification of the service costs, where can I find it?

The breakdown of your rent and service costs are in your contract. Around June HEYDAY can give you more information on last years’ service costs. You can find the information on the website under Renting > Service costs

  • When do I need to pay my monthly rent?

The rent has to be paid monthly, in advance, before the first of the month.

  • How can I check if I paid my rent already?

You can check this in your own administration. On your bank statements, it shows when you have paid to HEYDAY. If you pay at the HEYDAY office you can check the receipts you get from our pin machine, on top it states for which month you have paid rent. If you transfer the rent your overview shows what you paid.
HEYDAY can also check your payment, but it will probably take a bit longer because we work with an externally located financial department. If you want our financial department to check your payments, please send an e-mail to

  • I want to transfer the rent, which information do I need?

When you transfer the money to HEYDAY, please make sure you mention your address, room number and if possible the month you are paying for in the description field.

Bank account number: NL19ABNA0593570960

When transferring from a foreign bank account:
Name of our bank: ABN AMRO
IBAN: NL19ABNA0593570960

  • I prefer direct debit, how can I apply?

Go to ‘’downloads’’ on our website and click on the form Direct Debit. You can also pick up the form at the HEYDAY office. Fill it in completely and hand it in at our office.

  • I am movig to another room, what do I have to pay?

When you move to another room, you have to pay the rent for your new room and the non-recurring costs. The non recurring costs are the contract costs and the cleaning costs. The contract costs for HEYDAY rooms are € 20, the cleaning  costs vary per room.

Moving FAQ

  • I want to move to another room, is this possible?

Yes, you have to apply for a new room on the website and cancel the contract for your current room.

  • I want to cancel my tenancy contract, how does it work?

You can terminate the contract by filling in the “form for giving notice”. You can download this form from the website or you can come by the HEYDAY office. You can give notice every working day, keeping in mind the notice period of one month. The date of termination can not be on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or a national holiday.

  • I want to swap rooms, it is allowed?

You may want to change rooms with someone. In that case, both tenants need to fill in the request form and hand it in together. Once both of you have filled in the form, you can choose a day to move. Any day is fine, but for the payment of the rent, usually the first of the month is easiest. The only extra costs are the contract and administration costs of € 20. We will not clean the room, so there is no extra payment for that.

Subrenting FAQ

  • I want to subrent my room, how does it work?

First you should find a suitable subtenant and fill in the form Request for subrent to submit your request with HEYDAY. After being approved by HEYDAY, this form will serve as the subletting agreement.

  • Can HEYDAY find a subtenant for me?

No, you have to find your subtenant yourself.

Other FAQ

  • I think I lost my mailbox key, now what?

In case you lost your mailbox key, visit the HEYDAY office and fill in a form. You have two weeks to find your key, if you don’t find the key, you have to pay € 15,-. The payment is for making a new key and the administration. After your payment, the caretaker will make a new key, which you can collect at the HEYDAY office.

  • I think lost my front door key or room key, now what?

In case you lost your front door key or room key, visit the HEYDAY office. You have to fill in a form and you will immediately receive a spare key so you can enter your room again.  You have two weeks to find your key, if you don’t find the key, we will replace your lock. The costs for replacing the lock are € 180 and will be charged to you. The payment is for placing a new cylinder, a new key and the administration. The caretaker will contact you to replace the cylinder and give you the new key.

  • I have problems with the internet (connection), where do I go?

When faced with problems, check the website of first. There is a list of frequently asked questions and the most occurring problems with answers. If this doesn’t help, you can always contact the helpdesk at (0317) 48 88 88.

  • I do not need my linen package, what do I dot?

If you find the package in your room but you don’t need it, inform HEYDAY by e-mail and the caretaker will collect it. Please don’t open the linen package and place it on top of your cupboard.