Illegal occupancy

According to the Tenancy Contract and the General Terms and Conditions the rooms at Haarweg and Stadsbrink have a one-person character, the double rooms are the only exception. It is not allowed to share your room with a partner, child of anyone else.
The double rooms have a 2 person maximum.

Overview double rooms

Haarweg 10 – rooms 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 018, 019, 020, 021, 022 and 023
Haarweg 10A – rooms 011 and 014
Stadsbrink 401, 413, 425 and 427 – Rooms 008

Reasons and consequences

There are various reasons for this prohibition. The building is designed for a maximum number of users and a permit for this maximum number has been granted by the government. Also the escape routes of the building are designed to enable this number of tenants to leave the building in case of an emergency. Over-occupancy endangers the possibility for all tenants to leave the building quickly. Also, over-occupancy of the rooms causes inconvenience to your fellow tenants. There is a chance of noise nuisance and the shared facilities are used by more people than they are intended for, so others may become annoyed with the persons who do not belong in the corridor.

When we find out about illegal occupancy, we will take action. The extra occupant is asked to vacate the room within two weeks. If the occupant refuses to comply with this request, we will consider legal procedures, which could mean the tenant has to vacate the premises as well.

Noticing illegal occupancy

When you notice illegal occupancy in one of the rooms, please contact the caretaker.