Internet connection

Every room has an internet connection. All rooms are automatically connected to the network of Wageningen UR. It is a service that is provided free of charge; no connection or monthly fees. The rules for use of the network are formulated in the Network Regulations that you received when signing your tenancy agreement and on

How fast is the connection?

Our buildings are connected by 2 fibre optic cables. This closed circle can transmit information at a rate
of 1 Gigabyte per second; it is linked to the network of Wageningen UR and in turn to internet. The
maximal bandwidth per room is 100 Megabyte.

How can I get connected and surf the internet?

You need a computer with a so-called 10Base-T/100Base-T network card (costs about € 10) and a special cable (costs about € 5 to € 18 depending on the length of the cable). Only the orange cables with an alcatel-certification and cat6e-specs that are distributed by the WUR-shop (ground floor Forum Building) are accepted. The cable has a label with WUR on it. Be aware of the fact that if you experience problems in the future and a repairman needs to come by, he will only do the repair work if this label is present. In all other cases you will only be presented with the bill of coming by.

How do I connect my computer to the network?

The connection is activated as soon as you turn on your computer. For more detailed information go to

How can I log in?

If you are a student of Wageningen UR you can log in with the login name and password you received when starting your courses at Wageningen UR. All other users will receive an IP-number. You must then search for a provider on your own in order to obtain an e-mail address.

Who can I turn to with problems?

When faced with problems, check the website of first. There is a list of frequently asked questions and the most occurring problems with answers. If this doesn’t help, you can always contact the IT servicedesk at (0317) 48 88 88.

How does it work if I am not a student of Wageningen UR?

At the moment, this service is also available for tenants who do not attend Wageningen UR. In the future however, these so-called non-SURF members must find their own provider. Extra costs will probably be involved.

If the network is inactive, do I get a refund?

No. The signal is provided free of charge by Wageningen UR. The basic rent includes an amount for maintenance of the infrastructure and is collected whether or not the connection is used by the tenant. TROTS and Wageningen UR are in no way responsible for the (temporary) unavailability or (proper) functionality of the network connection.