Maintenance is necessary to maintain a safe and pleasant building. TROTS is responsible for the planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance and repairs, cleaning and garden maintenance.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance concerns all the maintenance on the building that can be planned in advance. When maintenance is planned which concerns your building, TROTS will inform you by e-mail and when possible will publish this on the information boards in the building.

Unplanned maintenance

This concerns all the maintenance that can not be planned in advance, for example maintenance relating to complaints or turnover of tenants. If you, as a tenant, have a technical complaint, please see Notifications/ complaints.


The common areas, such as the entrance, hallway and laundry rooms, and for accommodations with shared facilities the kitchens and sanitary, are cleaned by TROTS once a week. The cleaning occurs according to a fixed cleaning schedule. All tenants pay a certain amount for this as part of the service costs.

Garden maintenance

The gardens are maintained in accordance with a schedule. All tenants also pay a certain amount for this service as part of the service costs.