Moving out

When you are leaving, you must give notice of termination at least one month befor you leave. The date of termination must always be a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The date of termination may not be on a national holiday: New Years day (January 1st), Easter Monday, Kings Day (April 27th), Liberation Day (May 5th), Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Second day of Christmas (December 25th and 26th).

You can give notice by filling in the form for giving notice. You can download this form from the website of you can visit the office. A month before you leave, you will receive guidelines on how to leave your room and what to do with your keys.

It is possible that the caretaker finds that the accommodation does not meet the standards set in the guidelines or the new tenant reports to the caretaker that he is not satisfied with the state of the accommodation. If necessary, maintenance and extra cleaning will be carried out afterwards and the costs will be charged to the tenant who vacated the accommodation.

All keys must be returned to TROTS before 12.00 o’clock on the last day of your tenancy agreement. You can bring the keys to the office or leave them in the caretaker’s mailbox. Please label the keys with your room number of leave them in an envelope, with your name and room number written on the envelope. If you do not hand in your keys in time, without prior notice to the caretaker, the costs of placing a new key cylinder, new keys and the administration will be charged to you. This amounts to € 180 for your room and € 15 for the mailbox.

Future address
Please notify the various organizations, such as the educational institution, municipality and your bank, of your new address.

If you applied for rent subsidy, also inform De Belastingdienst (Tax Agency) that you will move and ask them to cancel the rent subsidy. Otherwise you will have to refund the subsidy. Do this well before you leave!