Notifications and complaints

Of course it is always possible that you may have a complaint or that you would like to make a notification on a defect or something, whatever this may be. For example if a lamp is defect or you are having trouble with your fellow tenants. TROTS will try to resolve any notifications or complaints as soon as possible.

You can report defects or notifications directly to the caretaker, by sending an e-mail to or you can call the caretaker during working hours on 06- 832 251 96.

When you have an urgent technical defect or maintenance repair outside the caretaker’s working hours, you can call the caretaker. Repairs are considered urgent if they involve fire, storm damage, system failures and gas or water leakages.

Complaints about fellow tenants

When people live together, they can cause nuisance, consciously or unconsciously. For example, nuisance could be noise, harassment or illegal occupancy. Everyone experiences inconveniences at some time or another, often your fellow tenant isn’t even aware of the inconvenience he or she causes. Anyway, it is important that we are considerate of each other’s living space.

What to do

Should you experience inconvenience, first always try to resolve the problems yourself. Contact the person causing it and make arrangements together. Do not wait too long, you should not wait unit the nuisance reaches a peak, which could unleash bottled up anger. Stay calm, but make yourself perfectly clear.

If you fail to solve the problems together, please contact the caretaker. He will try to assist in finding a solution. If necessary, he can accompany you to contact your fellow tenant.
If you still cannot resolve the problem, please sent a letter about complaint to the caretaker with the following information:

* date of the letter and names of the tenants submitting the letter
* address and name of the person causing the nuisance
* description of the nuisance
* dates and times when the nuisance has taken place
* actions that you have undertaken personally, to resolve the nuisance
* date you consulted the caretaker
* if the police where called, the result of their actions

The caretaker will consult with a coordinator of TROTS. This person will then invite you for a talk to discuss the situation in detail. Afterwards the person causing the nuisance will be contacted. A solution will be sought for all parties concerned.

Extreme nuisance

In an unbearable situation, such as theft, breaking and entering, threats or other extreme inconvenience, call the police (telephone number 0900-8844). You are also allowed to call the police on serious noise nuisance after 22.00 hours. In event of an emergency, call 112. Notify TROTS afterwards about the situation. This is important, so TROTS can take the necessary action regarding the situation.