Paying the rent

You have to pay the rent monthly, in advance, before the first of the month.
There are different ways to pay your rent, for more information also see our form Paying the rent.

  • Direct debit
    The easiest way to pay your rent is by direct debit. That way TROTS will automatically deducted the rent from your bank account on the beginning of each month. This standing order can be arranged by filling in an Authorization form. You can download this form on the website or visit the TROTS office. By filling in and returning the authorization form, you give TROTS the permission to collect the rent automatically from your bank account and transfer it to the account of TROTS every month, for the duration of your tenancy agreement. It is important to clearly indicate the name of the complex and your room number. When you give notice for your room, the authorization is automatically cancelled. If you do not agree with a booking TROTS has carried out, you can withdraw the transfer from your account by filling in the withdrawal card of your bank.
  • (Automatic) transfer
    You can transfer the rent to TROTS monthly. Please make sure you mention your address and room number and if possible the month you are paying for in the description field.
  • Paying at the TROTS office
    It is also possible to pay the rent at the TROTS office, on Monday and Thursday from 09.00h to 14.00h. You can pay by pin, credit card or WUR MoneyCard. When you pay by credit card, foreign bank card (not Maestro or V-Pay) or WUR MoneyCard an extra 2% is charged. When you pay by Premium credit card an extra 2,6% is charged.
    It is not possible to pay your rent in cash.