A burglar in your house is something no one wants. So make sure that you do not give burglars any opportunity. TROTS ensures that the technical aspects of the accommodations are sufficient, to make burglary as difficult as possible. However, all tenants play an important role in reducing the risk of a break in.

What can you do?

Alert the police immediately if you see something suspicious, do not leave (room) doors or windows open, even if you are only out for a moment. Never leave your key in the lock and make sure no valuable items can be seen from outside. Keep the corridor doors closed and do not let strangers in the house.

You can also record your possessions, so you are able to give a good description of your property and increase the chance of getting your possessions back should they be stolen. In addition you could mark your valuable possessions and/ or photograph them. Always report any case of theft to the police.


You can insure yourself against theft, for more information see fire and theft insurance.