Living comfortable also means living without nuisance. Although in practice, nuisance can not entirely be ruled out, we try to reduce any inconvenience as much as possible.

It is stated in the terms of the Tenancy Agreement that we will grant the tenant quiet enjoyment of the rented property. This means that you must not cause nuisance, in any form, to your fellow tenants. In student housing this means no drills or other noisy tools may be used during examination periods and in the evening.

Should you experience nuisance, first always try to resolve the problems yourself. If you fail to solve the problems together, please contact the caretaker. He will try to assist finding a solution.

Are you experiencing nuisance due to maintenance, please have some sympathy. Performing maintenance work is not always possible without creating some disturbance, noise for example. Clear agreements relating to this matter have been made with the tenant organization in a code of conduct. We try to limit such activities during examination periods.

When you have trouble with your fellow tenants, please click here for more information.