When you are going to live outside Wageningen for a short period of time, for example because of a work placement, it is possible to sublet your room for a maximum of 6 months. You remain responsible for your room, for paying the rent and for any shortcomings of the subtenant.
You have to find a suitable subtenant yourself and inform HEYDAY about the subletting by filling in the form Request for subletting. After being approved by HEYDAY, this form will serve as the subletting agreement. Before submitting the form, consult the conditions for sub tenancy on the back of the permission form.

Finding a subtenant

HEYDAY does not mediate in the search for subtenants or in rooms to sublet. With the University of Wageningen, we support use of the search site This is an independent website used by nearly all universities in the Netherlands to help match the supply and demand for rooms. You can place an ad at the website with all the information about the room you want to sublet. Once you have found someone who wants to rent your room during your absence, the procedure described above will apply.

Illegal subletting

In cases of illegal subletting, we shall petition the district court to dissolve the rental agreement with the tenant responsible and the subtenant. The court judgment will result in the tenant and illegal subtenant being evicted. The tenant will also have to pay the costs of the legal proceedings.